Dear friend, MARTA wants to say thank you for buying our record, we truly appreciate it. We are a small band on a tight budget but with firm conviction for what we do. We disband the idea of you becoming a machine generated number. Instead, we are happy you followed this simple link to read our message for you.

Accept and download “Marta – Warships”

We trust in your good sense and mutual grace when we ask you not to share this link with too many people. Without the money that comes in by selling our record, we’ll have a hard time making music in the future. If you do share this link with others, do it with love and respect of the creative work behind an album (and with the idea of spreading a bunch of pretty songs).

PS: And if you came here accidentally, that is without getting a vinyl copy before, you can still mailorder a hard copy in our


It would be of great help to us.