thank YOU for coming to our shows in those past two weeks

marta backstage

…you made MARTA happy like a fool!

We also wanna thank Martin Mayer, for his fantastic sound /// Polkov for sharing the stage /// our label Phonotron /// great hosts, bands and locations: KultLabor, JUGENDKULTUR KUBA, Call Me Astronaut, Musikcafe Egon, The Fictionplay, fluc + fluc wanne,indiepartment, FORUM STADTPARK, Minus Green, Krabovsky, Klang Film Theater Schladming, Spotting, postgarage

Next gigs are coming up soon:
17/11/14 // b72 // vienna // +Pharaohs And Kings +The Midnights
22/11/14 // volt // graz // +Kreisky

live /// 5-11-14 /// postgarage /// graz

marta (c) lukas schneeberger

If MARTA at Forum Stadtpark excited your appetite last friday, we recommend some big & greasy MARTA for lunch: Them boys go wild with an extended set at Postgarage Graz TOMORROW (pay as you wish). After that, ‘hohesZeh’ and ‘die klinge’ are gonna work off some calories with you at the turntables.

(c) Lukas Schneeberger